About this blog, me, & all things thrifty!


I get so many questions when I start talking to people about what I do, and so I decided to start a blog to answer all of those questions, and to share with others what I do. When I eventually got old enough to move out, I  quickly realized, I didn’t have money to go buy gorgeous furniture from Ethan Allen, or Pottery Barn.. so I went to Goodwill instead. I used to be the kind of person that wouldn’t be caught DEAD in a Goodwill, or any thrift store for that matter, and I would even get embarrassed at Yard Sales, shuffling through other peoples “junk”.

I was a young adult in school, with no money, and a minimum wage job, but I knew there had to be a way to get what I wanted. I wanted a beautiful home with nice furnishing, house décor, and of course nice clothes as well! I would constantly find pieces at Goodwill that I knew had potential. Not only was I finding furniture to repaint, but I was finding DESIGNER clothes! I couldn’t believe it. Brand name clothing like BCBG, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Wang, Coach, Kate Spade & so much more. Most of the items would not fit me though they were all sized XS and Small, sometimes Mediums, But I would find shoes, Purses, everything! After thrifting a few times, I knew I hit a gold mine. I started buying all the nice things and giving them to friends, and even selling some on EBay!

I have a huge closet filled with adorable clothes from goodwill & thrift stores, that I post online to sell. Recently I’ve been using Poshmark, Ebay, & Facebook. Sometimes its hard to keep up with everything, so eventually I will probably end up hiring someone  to help. Its definitely a full time job. I go to thrift stores at least once a week, sometimes up to three. After the buying, everything gets organized and hung, then photographed on a mannequin usually, then I post it online to EBay, Facebook, or Poshmark.  The description gets written, and then shared with as many people as possible! Sometimes I do consignment as well. Instead of a normal consignment store taking 50% or more, I only take 30% and the rest goes to the customer.

Sometimes I hate talking about what I do, because some people look down on it, but there are so much clothes in thrift stores. I usually have to dig to find a lot of great things but there there. I spend a lot of money at the thrift store, I usually drop at least $50 every time I go. I know the money I spend there goes back in to the community. I also feel like I’m helping them keep the store from being overcrowded. It really is overloaded with clothes, at least in my area it is!  I would really love some feedback on this topic. If you feel its wrong for someone to do this, please let me know, and tell me why. I would LOVE to hear all opinions!

If anything this is to help people realize there is money to be made. If this wasn’t my job, I would be at a retail store or restaurant taking a job from someone else. Its really important nowadays to find something you love to do, and be able to make your own money, on your own time.

I’m also a Photographer, and hopefully one day a decorator! Later this week I’ll share pictures of my home, and photography!

please excuse this image of my Ebay closet, its a hot mess!! Hopefully I’ll be able to organize this soon!