The Holiday Wish List With Neiman Marcus: Contest Entry

The Holiday Wish List With Neiman Marcus: Contest Entry

Valentino heels & pumps
$1,110 –

Valentino leather tote bag
$4,215 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors travel bag
$145 –

Lulu Frost multi strand necklace
$520 –

Michael Kors stainless steel watch
$290 –

Kendra scott necklace
$210 –

Kendra Scott 14k earrings
$185 –


Tory Burch eyeshadow
$64 –

Tory Burch lip makeup

Chanel perfume fragrance

Chanel perfume fragrance

Chanel body cleanser

Jonathan Adler greek key bedding
$370 –

MY Ebay items right now! ALL UNDER $35

MY Ebay items right now! ALL UNDER $35

Purotatto pink jersey dress
$190 –

Loro Piana black coat
$5,960 –

22 Maggio stretch blazer
$475 –

Mango jacket
$110 –

True Decadence slim blazer
$83 –

MSGM pleated skirt
$170 –

Gold neutrals

Gold neutrals

Lanvin satin shirt

Related print skirt
$83 –

Alessandro Oteri beige shoes
$325 –

Tory burch shoes

Tory Burch leather ballet flat
$285 –

Jack Rogers lace up flat

Hunter slip on boots
$89 –

Thrifting Fashion


I just have to say I have yet to find a FABULOUS blog, with beautiful outfits that have been thrifted. I realize that we all have our opinions on what style is… but there is a reason I only buy name brand/boutique/ and designer items from thrift stores. Im honestly a little disappointed that I haven’t found any. If all of these ‘fashion thrifters’ saw my spare closet, they MIGHT drop dead. My spare closet is FILLED with designer clothes (yes, they were ALL thrifted, or purchased for DIRT CHEAP). AND, I don’t even go to yard sales (who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn??)  If your a size 0-8 I can put a FABULOUS outfit together for you that retail would cost over $100, for me no more than $20! PLEASE someone challenge me! Unfortunately smaller sizes are SO much easier to style… for one reason almost everything looks good on them, and secondly because that’s usually the best stuff at the thrift stores. You can find fabulous plus clothing too, but its a challenge.

I dream to have my own TV show one day either on the style channel or HGTV called “Thrift your home”

If anyone know of any fabulous thrifting blogs please let me know.