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I just have to say I have yet to find a FABULOUS blog, with beautiful outfits that have been thrifted. I realize that we all have our opinions on what style is… but there is a reason I only buy name brand/boutique/ and designer items from thrift stores. Im honestly a little disappointed that I haven’t found any. If all of these ‘fashion thrifters’ saw my spare closet, they MIGHT drop dead. My spare closet is FILLED with designer clothes (yes, they were ALL thrifted, or purchased for DIRT CHEAP). AND, I don’t even go to yard sales (who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn??)  If your a size 0-8 I can put a FABULOUS outfit together for you that retail would cost over $100, for me no more than $20! PLEASE someone challenge me! Unfortunately smaller sizes are SO much easier to style… for one reason almost everything looks good on them, and secondly because that’s usually the best stuff at the thrift stores. You can find fabulous plus clothing too, but its a challenge.

I dream to have my own TV show one day either on the style channel or HGTV called “Thrift your home”

If anyone know of any fabulous thrifting blogs please let me know.

Let’s Flamingle!

paper straws

On August 7th, I will be 21! Hallelujah – I cant wait!

If your anything like me, your birthday is at least a week long! I just got back from Kiawah, and of course next week, I have plans to get a haircut, facial, and nails done! My cousin comes to town on the 7th, and so does my best friend from high school. On Friday were going out on the boat, then to dinner – somewhere fabulous.. and the DRINKS of course!

Saturday night I’m having a little soiree for about 30 people – mostly adults and family, because I just love having little parties and preparing the cutest food & dressing tables :).

I have been searching pinterest for food ideas, and etsy for party items. I got the cutest flamingo straws… my party is kind of flamingo themed, so I had to get them! I got some paper straws too, because they look so perfect in that mason jar waiting to be plopped in some pink lemonade 😉


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4th Of July Outfits Cheap & Chic

Independence Day thrift store outfits!

all of these items were thrifted, except the sequin jacket! If you need a fabulous & cheap 4th of July outfit, you know where to go! Theres even more on the page!

These are all high quality & designer items

 visit to get your 4th of July outift for under $50!

Ralph Lauren, Theory, Banana Republic, French Connection, Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, J.Crew, & more!

lookbok 1st page LOOKBOOK 4thof july

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Decorate a nook


Ok, so even though most of these items are not thrifted… I still decorated this nook for under $90! That sounds like ALOT… but that includes everything EXCEPT the chair. I originally wanted to do a gallery on this wall and have like 6 pictures of family etc, but I couldn’t find 6 identical frames that were cheap enough, nor could I find 6 pictures I wanted to display. The pics in the frames now, are all from downtown Charleston, and I snapped all 3 – actually every photo in my house I took, its cheap and its a great way to show off your own creativity.

The chair is from TJMAX I believe is was around $100 (my cat has now ruined it :()

  • Large Frame $8 (original price $50 from Michaels)
  • 2 small frames $5 ea. (original $20 from Michaels)
  • Glass Table $40 (from Ross)
  • books $1.50 (Goodwill)
  • pearl candle $2 (Goodwill)
  • Glass vase $4 (Goodwill)
  • Lamp $15 (Goodwill)
  • Peacock feathers $4 for all (Earthbound)
  • Vince Camuto gold sequin pillow $10 (Original price $50 Tuesday Morning)
  • Photos in Frames $FREE (I took them & printed)

                        TOTAL $89.50






Thrift store drama


I hate going to a thrift store… and seeing someone with something that you ABSOLUTELY must have! Its the worst feeling ever! The other day I was at goodwill and there was this lady in there, that is ALWAYS in there.. and apparently we have the same taste because she always seems to get the BEST stuff, & she almost always has something I want! Anyways, I always seem to do this weird stalky thing, and keep my eye on her the WHOLE time im in the store, just in case she changes her mind and puts it down. YEAH RIGHT! like that will ever! What she had was a Charleston tray! I live in Charleston, SC (& yes it is the best city in the world, but please stop visiting because I cant even get to my own beach!). There are these pillows that you can buy (over $150) that are for each state or even cities, and it looked like someone turned one into a tray or something… IDK – but IT WAS ADORABLE! and it was only $8! (as I was stalking her I saw the price).

When I got up to the register the associate looked a little irritated, so I asked her if everything was ok, and she said yes, but the lady in the blue shirt had been there since 10AM and was driving her nuts.. mind you it was 4PM!!!!! SO I felt a little better knowing that she spent her entire day in a thrift store and only ended up scoring 1 amazing item :/

Beach bag

Beach bag
As you may know, I am going going to Kiawah Island on Monday, and thought i’d share my must have beauty items for my trip!
I actually use all of the stuff on the regular… since I actually live near the beach anyways (Charleston, SC)
If you don’t know this already… the Bobbi Brown beach stuff is AMAZING – it literally smells like the beach!  I cant get enough!
And the Victoria’s Secret bronze line is phenomenal as well, the spray tan looks amazing, its like makeup for your skin! (it goes really fast though, so I usually only use it if I’m going out, or to a nice place)
** I know this blog is usually about cheap/ thrifty things, but beauty items is usually where I splurge. Many people argue the stuff at Walmart is just as good & blady bla.. but when i used those items and then switched to better brands (such as Redken hair products & Bobbi Brown makeup) the difference in my hair  & skin was amazing! I will write about all of that in a different post sometime, but I thought it was worth mentioning. There are just some things in life that are WORTH the money!