Let’s Flamingle!

paper strawshttp://www.refinery29.com/mystylist/julia-engel/host-tips#slide-1

On August 7th, I will be 21! Hallelujah – I cant wait!

If your anything like me, your birthday is at least a week long! I just got back from Kiawah, and of course next week, I have plans to get a haircut, facial, and nails done! My cousin comes to town on the 7th, and so does my best friend from high school. On Friday were going out on the boat, then to dinner – somewhere fabulous.. and the DRINKS of course!

Saturday night I’m having a little soiree for about 30 people – mostly adults and family, because I just love having little parties and preparing the cutest food & dressing tables :).

I have been searching pinterest for food ideas, and etsy for party items. I got the cutest flamingo straws… my party is kind of flamingo themed, so I had to get them! I got some paper straws too, because they look so perfect in that mason jar waiting to be plopped in some pink lemonade 😉


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