Decorate a nook


Ok, so even though most of these items are not thrifted… I still decorated this nook for under $90! That sounds like ALOT… but that includes everything EXCEPT the chair. I originally wanted to do a gallery on this wall and have like 6 pictures of family etc, but I couldn’t find 6 identical frames that were cheap enough, nor could I find 6 pictures I wanted to display. The pics in the frames now, are all from downtown Charleston, and I snapped all 3 – actually every photo in my house I took, its cheap and its a great way to show off your own creativity.

The chair is from TJMAX I believe is was around $100 (my cat has now ruined it :()

  • Large Frame $8 (original price $50 from Michaels)
  • 2 small frames $5 ea. (original $20 from Michaels)
  • Glass Table $40 (from Ross)
  • books $1.50 (Goodwill)
  • pearl candle $2 (Goodwill)
  • Glass vase $4 (Goodwill)
  • Lamp $15 (Goodwill)
  • Peacock feathers $4 for all (Earthbound)
  • Vince Camuto gold sequin pillow $10 (Original price $50 Tuesday Morning)
  • Photos in Frames $FREE (I took them & printed)

                        TOTAL $89.50








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