Thrift store drama


I hate going to a thrift store… and seeing someone with something that you ABSOLUTELY must have! Its the worst feeling ever! The other day I was at goodwill and there was this lady in there, that is ALWAYS in there.. and apparently we have the same taste because she always seems to get the BEST stuff, & she almost always has something I want! Anyways, I always seem to do this weird stalky thing, and keep my eye on her the WHOLE time im in the store, just in case she changes her mind and puts it down. YEAH RIGHT! like that will ever! What she had was a Charleston tray! I live in Charleston, SC (& yes it is the best city in the world, but please stop visiting because I cant even get to my own beach!). There are these pillows that you can buy (over $150) that are for each state or even cities, and it looked like someone turned one into a tray or something… IDK – but IT WAS ADORABLE! and it was only $8! (as I was stalking her I saw the price).

When I got up to the register the associate looked a little irritated, so I asked her if everything was ok, and she said yes, but the lady in the blue shirt had been there since 10AM and was driving her nuts.. mind you it was 4PM!!!!! SO I felt a little better knowing that she spent her entire day in a thrift store and only ended up scoring 1 amazing item :/


4 thoughts on “Thrift store drama


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