Beach bag

Beach bag
As you may know, I am going going to Kiawah Island on Monday, and thought i’d share my must have beauty items for my trip!
I actually use all of the stuff on the regular… since I actually live near the beach anyways (Charleston, SC)
If you don’t know this already… the Bobbi Brown beach stuff is AMAZING – it literally smells like the beach!  I cant get enough!
And the Victoria’s Secret bronze line is phenomenal as well, the spray tan looks amazing, its like makeup for your skin! (it goes really fast though, so I usually only use it if I’m going out, or to a nice place)
** I know this blog is usually about cheap/ thrifty things, but beauty items is usually where I splurge. Many people argue the stuff at Walmart is just as good & blady bla.. but when i used those items and then switched to better brands (such as Redken hair products & Bobbi Brown makeup) the difference in my hair  & skin was amazing! I will write about all of that in a different post sometime, but I thought it was worth mentioning. There are just some things in life that are WORTH the money!


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