more home decor

more home decor

I realize everyone has different styles, but I must say I get a lot of compliments on mine! People cant believe I find these things at goodwill. I live in Charleston, so many houses here have this same look, Relaxed, beachy, & bright.
I LOVE white furniture.. I could live in an all white room, but I love color as well. the sofa table (that’s not blue) was at first brown.. painted white, then blue- Which I kinda LOVE! its the only colored piece of furniture I have.
This blog is to show people that you can ABSOLUTELY decorate on a budget… and there is plenty of things to discover at thrift stores!
shell pillow (consignment 2 @ $15 ea)
Kitchen Jars (Goodwill $6 all 3)
Wooden crab (Goodwill $3)
Tablecloth (Goodwill $3)
Starfish Plate (Homegoods $6 *SPLURGE)
Jar (recycled $0, flowers Costco $8)
Fake flowers (Goodwill $4)
Sofa Table spray-painted (Goodwill $25, spray paint $5)
Baskets (Homegoods 2 @$15 ea)
Gurgle pot fish pitcher (Goodwill $5)
Lamps (Goodwill $12, shades Target $27 both)
Antique Armoire (Goodwill $40, paint $8)
Zebra plate (Home Goods $10)
Candle holders (Goodwill $6 both)
Media Table -sorry cant even see it! (Habitat for Humanity $50, Painted white $8, Gold spray pain for knobs $5)
Lamps (Goodwill $25 for both)
Candle Holders (Consignment $25 for both)
Blue Vase (Homegoods *SPLURGE* $25)

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