A taste of my home

A taste of my home

I took a few pictures of things I’ve thrifted lately.. and thought id post a pic of my bookshelf… that is a HOT mess right now. I changed everything about it almost.. and I will post a before and after picture later on.
On the bookshelf …
I’m pretty sure everything is from goodwill or thrifted (except 3 things).
-The Grey vase at the top ($10).
-Wedgewood profile plate ($10 for both)
– glass candlesticks 9 ($10 both)
-My school books … (free lol NOT)
-Green cup thing (southern accent designers showcase $12)
-Photo (I took pic, frame Wal-Mart $4)
-Blue vases & Jar- vases I got for free from a neighbor, and the jar in middle was from a consignment store ($10)
-Jonathan Adler striped Vase ($4 thrifted)
-Pic with Frame (pic I took, Frame $1 dollar store)
-Yellow Jar ($4 godowill)
-Huge Candle ($5 goodwill)
-Basket ($2 yard sale)
-Wine Rack + wine (Free housewarming gift)
Shelf – $150 (antique thrift store)

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