Goodwill Haul 4.15 Designer Clothes/ Shoes & Home Goods

Goodwill Haul 4.15 Designer Clothes/ Shoes

2 Adorable Victorias Secret swim tops (.99 each)
Anne Klein Zebra heels NIB (retail $278, paid $4.99)
Lilly Pulitzer childs McKims (retail $80, paid $2.99)
Michael Kors Tank ($3.89)
Frye heels (4.99)
Diane Von Furstenberg shoes ($4.99)

Total spent $23.89
Retail cost $$750 (rough estimate)

Home Goods

thriftfinds 4.15.13 homegoods

Tommy Hilfiger green leaf table cloth ($2.99)
Preppy pillowcases 2 ($.99 ea $1.99)
napkin ($.99)
painting ($1.00)
Jonathan Adler Vase ($4.00)

thrift finds 4.15.13 homegoods 3

2 Lamp bases ($12.95 for both)
Round Mirror ($6.95)
Emboroidered Queen Quilt ($4.99)

2 Target Lampshades ($27 for both)

Total spent $35.86 (thrift) $27 (Target)
Retail $200 (rough estimate)

Unfortunately I had to go out and Splurge on some inexpensive lampshades from Target. I really wanted to get some colored ones but they were all $20 and over (which is INSANE for just a shade) and I needed 2, so there was NO way in HELL I was going to spend $40 for 2 lamps I got at Goodwill! At first I didn’t even buy these lamp bases, because they had little rust spots.. and just didn’t look very good.. But when I got home I kept thinking about them.. and I was like OHH I can totally SPRAY PAINT them, and they will look ADORABLE! So I was going to spray paint them white, and get a cute lampshade, but now I realize its cheaper to spray paint them a fun color, and then get white Shades! I will show yall the final project once Im done! I hated that I had to buy shades, but where else Am I going to get 2 matching lamps for under $40?? Especially cute ones!

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