Garage Sale Sucess!

250 px

250 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Kors Store Opening

Michael Kors Store Opening (Photo credit: Urban Mixer)

My yard Sale went amazingly well!

Between me and my mom we made over $700 ($600 just in clothes)

It was so hectic… people showed up before 7am, and were going through things faster than I could get them out of the house!

I had a bag full of shoes, and there were at least 5 people reaching into 1 bag! It was SO CRAZY! A line kept forming for people to bundle a bunch of items.. and so many people bought like 5 things and spent over $50! I have to admit it was so much fun! Everyone kept complimenting on how great the stuff was, and I even got a few people that work for a local tv show (Army Wives) telling me I should apply for an internship to work on the show, to work in wardrobe! That made my day! What a lovely compliment! I never even thought of having a job like that.. be a stylist for a tv show! HOW FUN! I would get paid to shop for clothes!!

Anyways overall the Garage sale was EXTREMELY successful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I still have a ton of stuff, so maybe I should have one once a month to get rid of it all!

Today I went thrift store shopping, and I’m about to upload Photos from my Haul! I found a bunch of cute house items! I also scored a pair of Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Lilly Pulitzer shoes! &  a Jonathan Adler vase!



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