GARAGE SALE tomorrow!


I am so exhausted! Why am I still up? Well my moms neighborhood is having there annual Garage Sale tmrw… and I have been up pricing clothes and all that other good garage sale stuff. I must say I’m very surprised by how much STUFF we have that’s actually not junk! The things we are selling are things I would actually buy again! LOL, that sounds ridiculous.. but I just HATE clutter, and too much of anything looks bad, especially in a home! I always like for my apartment/home to look like it could be featured in a magazine! (Don’t we all?) ANYWAYS… I will try and get some pics up tomorrow of the wonderful Sale we will be having! There will be so many adorable designer clothes in the sale that I found at goodwill/thrift shops! I cant wait to see how much money I can make on things I purchased for next to nothing!

Im a little excited… and a little irritated that I have to wake up at 5:00 am :/

Hopefully it will all be worth it!

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