3 Rules to Shopping Smart

Tips for every Thrifter to LIVE by!

Thrifty Infashion

Rule #1: Don’t buy cheap brands.

And I know that labels and whatnot shouldn’t matter, but many times places like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads have brands like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Let’s be honest here- you could probably purchase them brand new for around the same price. Heck no do I want to spend $15 on a USED Forever 21 shirt.

Rule #2: Don’t buy something just because it’s “cheap.”

I have made this mistake dozens of times, and still struggle with it. Just because something is cheap, it doesn’t mean you’ll wear it. “Oh this $5 shirt is really cute…” but you probably won’t ever wear it. Maybe it’ll still be cute hanging in your closet…right? Well from personal experience, those $5 shirts add up quickly. This past weekend, I donated at least 7 of the so-called $5 shirts that I never wore, so I basically…

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